About Us

Guard From Above helps military and law enforcement units to intercept hostile drones (sUAS) at area's where drones can pose a threat. We use specially trained bald eagles to take down these drones and keep our clients airspace safe. Drones(sUAS) can be used for many positive purposes. Unfortunately, drones are also used for malicious intent. For example to carry out (terrorist) attacks by dropping explosive payloads. The number of drone incidents worldwide has increased exponentially in recent years. Based on your specific client request we tailor a set of sUAS countermeasures. We use a step by step process to tailor the best C-sUAS solutions for you.We have been working in C-sUAS since 2013. Guard From Above is the world's first company to use birds of prey to intercept unwanted drones. Safe, fast and effective. We have over 30 years experience in training birds of prey.Safe skies!