About Us

GuardBot Inc. is a cutting edge engineering company focusing on the design and development of amphibious, spherical robotic vehicle systems.

Guardbot was initially conceived for a planetary mission on Mars, and can operate in many demanding situations, as it can travel on paved road, off-road, sand, snow, sloped surfaces, and in water, where it can navigate upstream. Guardbot is designed for mission operations in broadcasting, surveillance, security, and detection.

Guardbot moves using a patented drive-mechanism. The drive is produced by a motorized pendulum that propels the unit by changing its center of gravity. This design allows it to easily provide forward and backward motion as well as make 360-degree turns. Its advanced battery powered pendulum motion drive system can operate continuously for up to 25 hours on one charge and reach speeds of up to 9 mph on land and 3 mph in water. The custom battery itself can last 45 hours while stationary.