About Us

Harris Aerial is a drone manufacturer specializing in custom drones, aerial photography drones, heavy lift drones, agricultural drones, UAS, UAV and multirotor drones. Our (UAV) unmanned aircraft vehicles are capable of carrying a multitude of payloads for numerous applications, including agricultural spraying, professional cinematography & aerial photography (photography drones), geo-spatial surveying (surveying drones), search and rescue, thermal and hyperspectral imaging, and emissions sensing. Fitted with the best components on the market, our heavy-lift drones are manufactured in-house in the United States of America. Advanced CNC (computer numerical control) machining and various 3D printing capabilities allow for unique application-specific modifications. The cutting-edge and open-source technology at our core enables us to deliver rapid on-site deployment and centimeter-level accurate autonomous flight. Additionally, we offer consultation and training so our client’s can achieve successful integration into their current or prospective business models.