About Us

At Height Technologies, we dedicated ourselves to create custom and innovative solutions for the commercial and military market. We are an international player in the field of defense, cyber, security and mapping solutions for air, land and sea.We offer high-end unmanned autonomous systems, sensors, components and software analytics. Our products distinguish themselves in the field of endurance, autonomy and connectivity to generate more secure and meaningful data, elevating our customers' capacity to make safer, smarter and faster decisions. For the most advanced drone solutions, sensors and components we are the right partner. Every day we are active in establishing new relationships and adding new products to our portfolio that go beyond what is possible, to be always one step ahead of our competitors. We save you a search through the jungle of drone solutions and are driven to seek more powerful ways to combine drone and sensor technologies. Our products have a proven track-record and we ensure a smooth implementation in your organization.Our goal is to deliver a total solution that is cost-effective, well-executed and operationally ready. This means dedicated advice, a clear scope and a product that does what it promises, adapted to any client, mission or environment to overcome every challenge.In combination with our comprehensive end-user training program, and remote / on-site hardware and software support, we are the preferred supplier for numerous organizations. Always ahead of the game - ensuring an ongoing advantage for our worldwide client base.We achieve this by knowing our customers’ exact needs and requirements. Working together as strategic partners and delivering solutions that provide valuable capabilities to our clients well into the future. HEIGHT TECHNOLOGIES brings you to a higher level!Discover more on www.heighttechnologies.com