About Us

Hesse GmbH - Your partner for ultrasonic bonding and ultrasonic welding machines in combination with standardized or customized automation solutions. Hesse GmbH, founded in 1986 and based in Paderborn, Germany, develops and manufactures fully automatic ultrasonic bonding and welding machines together with standard or customerspecific automation solutions for the semiconductor industry backend. Hesse GmbH is one of the world’s leading producers of wire bonders using the ultrasonic wedge-wedge technology and develops customer-specific production processes. All relevant semiconductor manufacturers are among the worldwide clientel of Hesse GmbH. Distribution and service are performed from the headquarters or by subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the US and Japan and together with partners in over 30 other countries. The core competencies of the company are mechatronic systems, ultrasonic technology, control engineering and the detailed understanding and knowledge of the processes and physical effects relevant in ultrasonic joining technology. In order to maintain and expand technological leadership, we conduct intensive research and development in all aforementioned areas. Process Support, Development & Consulting: We support you in developing and implementing your individual process requirements (e.g. sample bonding, pre-production prototype, design validation builds, small series production, module production, process optimization).