About Us

High Eye designs, produces and sells long-range VTOL UAVs for the international market. VTOL UAV stands for Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. These are unmanned helicopters that can fly automatically. The UAVs are operated by a pilot at the Ground Control Station.

High Eye focuses on one product: the Airboxer, the main USPs of which are:

• Endurance 3 hours

• Payload max. 7 kg

• Maximum Take-Off Weight 32 kg

• IP 67 and EMI-shielded

Main areas of missions:

1. Maritime missions - Examples: Coast Guard missions. Navy missions, anti-piracy missions for commercial vessels, tune fishing, Search and Rescue and so on.

2. Security and surveillance. Examples: Border Control, Security of sites and assets, Armed Forces etc.

3. Inspections. Examples: Offshore infrastructure, mining pits, power lines, big farms and pipelines.

4. Research. Examples: Whales, polar bears, seals counting, wildlife and mining.