About Us


High value engineering delivering the best in power-to-weight ratio, low cost and low maintenance engines. Hirth Engines provide the ultimate fit for your machine.


The pioneers of 2-stroke engines, we pride ourselves in engineering a range of innovative propulsion solutions and are continually developing our state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best solutions.

Hirth Engines have been in production since the beginning of powered flight and our engineering excellence continues with performance and efficiency as the driving force in all our products.

Customer Focus

We are committed to delivering the highest in customer satisfaction. Hirth Engines have launched a global market focus programme dedicated to providing customers with the perfect fit for their propulsion needs. With over 90 years’ experience in producing two-stroke engines, we guarantee impeccable service, warranty and parts availability whether you’re a manufacturer, pilot or hobbyist.

Our sales and service teams are operated by expert engineers and technicians who can help with any of your needs. We have a full range of genuine Hirth Engines parts, equipment and technical information to guarantee your engine is serviceable and in top form as soon as possible.

Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles

Our UAV engine series are the propulsion system of choice in the helicopter and fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle sector and have been extensively proven in civilian and military domains.

Engineered with the latest 2-stroke technology, our engines utilise advanced closed-loop control that optimises performance for extreme environmental conditions.

Sports Aviation

We are dedicated to developing world-class engines to fuel your favourite powersports. Our 2-stroke engines o􀃫er the best power and performance with unrivalled reliability, keeping you in the air for longer.

Propulsion Technology Powering the Future of 2-Stroke

We offer the most reliable 2-stroke engines, providing you a lightweight engine with less moving parts and superior power. Our products include heavy fuel and a variety of special requirements. We offer specialised customisations for all clients when necessary to meet the demands of any machine.

Uniting Expertise, Excellence and Efficiency

With a combination of heritage, expertise, quality and investment in technology, we tool and test all our products to create unmatched durability and performance.

Superior Engineering, Leading Class Design

Specially designed with the customer in mind, we develop innovative engines offering state-of-the-art propulsion technology, outstanding fuel efficiency and leading class power to weight ratio.