About Us

In January 2021, Hitachi Automotive Systems, Keihin, Showa, and Nissin Kogyo completed a business merger and began their journey as the global mega-supplier “Hitachi Astemo”. Through the combined strengths of the companies, we are further enhancing our global competitiveness in the areas of automotive powertrain systems, chassis systems, autonomous driving/advanced driving assistance systems (AD/ADAS), and motorcycle systems. Hitachi Astemo’s mission is to work on solving various social issues and to create a better future by providing advanced mobility solutions. In addition to reducing traffic accidents and traffic congestion, we aim to reduce the burden on the environment by cleaning exhaust gas and improving fuel efficiency to contribute to the realization of a society that is both people- and eco-friendly. We highlight the importance of an appropriate and respectful style when communicating on our page and therefore we reserve the right to delete comments or posts that we deem are abusive, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate, spam and advertisements.