Horus Smart Detections

Horus Smart Detections

About Us

We innovated with our own manufacture of high-performance professional drones, but not only that, we saw that to obtain the information captured by drone images, fast, safe and intuitive software was needed to solve this gap, and for that we developed MAPPA , an online image and data processing software compatible with the main brands in the market.

We believe that technology without expertise does not work miracles. Not being aware of a malfunction is shatterable. It takes reliability and precision working with autonomous and intelligent solutions, collecting data in real time for management and analysis, with an eye on the future and that's why we went higher.

We are highly technological and have tech in our DNA, the market changes all the time and we went higher. To dare is to have courage! We develop pioneering technologies for different market segments, with the aim of improving people's lives through faster and more reliable information.

We accelerate processes. We make real-time monitoring possible with state-of-the-art detection resources and robust processing solutions, we seek excellence, accuracy and agility in data collection and processing, bringing overviews effects to empower your decision-making.