About Us

We teach machines to understand how people behave so that any human/machine interaction is safe, efficient and – most importantly – more human. By combining novel deep learning, behavioural psychology and statistical AI, we’ve developed powerful and ethical computer-vision software that predicts human decision-making. This means we can quickly, safely and accurately provide context around interactions between people and machines, whether it’s a consumer device, home appliance, vehicle, gaming equipment or any automated machine. We help you make better-informed decisions – just connect our Behaviour AI platform to your camera for real-time insights, or give us access to your video footage for crucial historical analytics. We do all of this whilst prioritising individual privacy with our ethical AI technology. Our solutions: Telematics - Our Behaviour AI platform extracts and enriches the most valuable insights from your data to rescue information overload, uncover context behind flagged events and eliminate unnecessary costs. City - We work with smart city planners to balance the efficiency of their systems, environmental and economic sustainability with the safety and happiness of their citizens. ADAS - Our predictive AI technology can enhance your ADAS solution by improving driver safety monitoring, vehicle tracking and navigation with precision decision making, allowing for more conservative safety mechanisms, with proven reduction in false positives. Health and Safety - Identify the most pressing health and safety risks across your supply chain - accurately and reliably shine a light on the highest-risk areas for accidents, injury and liability across construction sites, manufacturing plants and industrial warehouses.