Hypersonix Launch Systems Ltd

Hypersonix Launch Systems Ltd

About Us

We are a Smallsat launch startup based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our #1 future goal is to provide satellite launch services from Australia.

We will use hypersonic scramjet technology developed at the University of Queensland, coupled with a reusable rocket launch vehicle and a small upper stage rocket.

Our system is designed to deliver lower-cost, flexible and rapid turnaround, to provide reliable and flexible launch windows and control over all aspects of launch.

As our launch vehicles are reusable, our system creates no space junk or 'ocean junk'​ and our scramjet design produces only water vapour as an emission.

Our motto is 'Taking Australia to Space'​. By that we mean launching satellites into orbit from Australia, contributing capability to the Australian space industry, providing STEM careers in Australia and boosting Australia's economy by contributing to the burgeoning global space industry.