About Us

In2tec Ltd is a privately owned business founded in 2001 and is at the forefront of Sustainable Electronics Technologies. Our highly recyclable flexible and flexi-hybrid electronics technologies include our commitment to providing materials, design models, and manufacturing methodologies that allow a truly circular economy and a positive impact towards achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions. ReUSE® provides substrates, circuit tracks, and component bonding systems that can be fully unzipped using organic solvents, significantly reducing the energy and high costs of recycling. The CO2e saving of a ReUSE-based circuit assembly versus a standard FR4-based circuit assembly is over 10 times, and versus a PI and Copper-based circuit assembly the CO2e saving is over 16 times. Key benefits of ReUSE®ompletely unzippable printed circuit electronic assembly allowing Recyclable and Reusable substrates and components, feeding a circular economy Reusable electronic components saves 2.3Bn Tonnes of CO2e per year based on just 10% of PCBs being changed to a ReUSE® assembly, which is the equivalent carbon offset of 91 Million mature trees per year ReUSE® substrates typically consume up to 20x less CO2e to manufacture compared with traditional substrate methods, whilst also being highly economical to recycle Drive for an opportunity to cease landfill E-waste through 100% recycling of substrates, conductive circuits, and electronic components, via ultra-low energy unzipping and second-life usage for constituent parts