About Us

Founded in 2005, INRIX pioneered the intelligent mobility category by transforming big data from connected devices and vehicles into mobility insights. This revolutionary approach enabled INRIX to become one of the leading providers of data and analytics into how people move around the world. INRIX provides cities and road authorities with a leading on-demand analytics platform for making data-driven decisions and managing mobility to keep the world moving smarter, safer, and more efficiently. Financial services use INRIX for global insights into consumer trends, supply chain health, forecasting revenue, manufacturing activity, and macro trends. By empowering cities, businesses, and people with valuable insights, INRIX is helping to improve mobility from the first mile to the last. With partners and solutions spanning across the entire mobility ecosystem, INRIX is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and transportation – whether its keeping drivers safe, improving traffic signal timing, optimizing the last mile, understanding complex supply chains, or helping a business expand their retail footprint.