JOUAV UAS Solutions

JOUAV UAS Solutions

About Us

OUAV was established in 2010, It is VTOL drone manufacturing company and Industrial UAV solutions, provider. JOUAV also designs and manufactures professional autopilot for commercial UAVs, including fixed-wing UAVs, multi-copter UAVs, and unmanned helicopters.

In 2015, CW-20 was released, it is the 1st industrial-grade VTOL fixed-wing UAV in China.

In February 2021, JOUAV became the 1st listed company in China stock whose main business is UAV and related technology.

Current models comprise CW-007, CW-15, CW-25E, CW-40, and CW-100, with the weight covering 6.8~105 kg and endurance covering 1~10 hours.

CW series UAVs are widely used in surveying and mapping, pipeline & powerline inspection, security monitoring, emergency, and other fields.