About Us

Kasaero GmbH is a versatile engineering provider based in Stuttgart / Germany. Being acitve in aerospace engineering since 2008, the GmbH was founded in 2014. We create everything that flies, and we are passionate about that. From research and development to hands-on prototyping and testing, creating aircraft is our thing. Within all fields of aircraft design, we consider fibre composite technology - not only for aerospace applications - as one of our strongest suits. Our team combines the know-how of the extreme light-weight construction with experience in designing, analysing and certifying aircraft. With our knowledge in the field of aeronautical engineering and our experience in aircraft manufacturing, our specialists support all projects in aircraft design, aerodynamics, lightweight design and composite technology from the first concept until certification and series production. Having a great network to aviation specialists and cooperation partners allows us to take on complex and demanding projects for customers worldwide. We compile teams best suited for specific challenges and we lead even big international integrated project teams to success. The state-of-the-art digital work environment we created, tested and continuously improved enables us to work extremely efficiently and to closely monitor and control access and progress. We developed a digital infrastructure which allows us to work simultaneously on the same data with the customer and with selected partners on various locations worldwide. Our system is suitable and adaptable to almost any customer requirements and easily scalable to suit the size of any project. Combining our capabilities above makes our scope comparable to established aircraft manufacturers, with the advantage that Kasaero is extremely agile and adaptable to any project requirements.