About Us

Kindhelm is a Finnish high-tech company developing and manufacturing high accuracy positioning, velocity and direction determining solutions for System Integrators and OEMs. State-of-the-Art Positioning with Top-of-the-Range components for vehicles and vessels; Kindhelm IPESSA product range:IPESSA Classic - IPESSA Light - IPESSA Tiny – IPESSA Nano – IPESSA Yaw Bar – IPESSA Base Station.These are high accuracy positioning, velocity and direction devices.With IPESSA you know at pinpoint accuracy your whereabouts.To be able to tackle Inertial Navigation (INS) and Satellite Navigation IPESSA works with inertial sensors (IMU), Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou) and powerful sensor fusion engine. So even when the satellite signal is denied, spoofed or jammed IPESSA uses dead reckoning to calculate position. With Real Time Kinematics (RTK) accuracy the position accuracy is less than 2 cm.Accurate positioning is the basis of all self-navigating systems and navigation accuracy can never be better than the position estimate. When machines do the job autonomously, remote controlled or autosteered, there is a need for accurate position and not just the position but also, it’s aspect in the globe. To know all this, Kindhelm IPESSA range of product was created. IPESSA is custom made solution to fit any vehicle or vessel.Kindhelm IPESSABetter Positioning – Beyond Satellite GNSSEasy to integrate – Common Interfaces and Standard ProtocolsSelf-Contained Modules – No System support needed to operateIntegration support and field application support availableAgile Start-up Company – Flexible Integration PartnerStrong Corporate Background – Solid company and supplierHigh quality – Rugged purpose built componentsNavigs Oy - KINDHELM