About Us

Knight Optical are a global leader in the production and distribution of precision stock and custom optical components, subassemblies and optomechanics. Colin Overton, Managing Director, has been operating Knight Optical for over 26 years. Knight Optical has a worldwide presence with offices based in Harrietsham, Kent, UK and Rhode Island, USA. We serve the global market, with customers based in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Knight Optical ensure quality in every aspect of our business. Being ISO9001:2015 certified, you can be confident we take quality very seriously. Our onsite state-of-the-art metrology laboratory and highly skilled QA technicians, test every optic that is despatched through our doors to meeting your exact specifications. All parts tested, produce a detailed metrology report to give you peace of mind. Our metrology and QA departments can also provide additional services such as hiring our metrology facilities or the ability to provide optical assembly services in clean room conditions. Contact our experienced technical sales team for a quotation regarding these additional services. Knight Optical serve a wide range of industries including medical, defence and scientific. All industries are supported by our highly qualified and multi-lingual technical sales teams, and our staff are always happy to help. We work in partnership with our customers and build a strong business relationship with you, to ensure that the buying experience is as stress free as possible. Contact us today to find out more about Knight Optical, our products and our services. Mission Statement: 1. To be the global number one choice for quality precision optical components. 2. To provide high quality optical solutions to customer requirements on time and at competitive prices. 3. To provide outstanding customer service through our professional, knowledgeable, and committed technical team.