About Us

KSI is the leader in delivering live video and telemetry data from drones and other IoT devices. Our software and hardware streamline the process of gathering intel from remote sources and simultaneously sharing it with multiple stakeholders worldwide for real-time analysis. KSI’s MissionKeeper and MissionCaster securely deliver the data a team needs to make immediate, informed, decisions. About MissionKeeper: Our proprietary streaming software gives multiple users access to live video and data from drones, ROV's, submersibles, robots, dash cams and other IoT devices. Our simple UI gives teams the power to collaborate and make field-based decisions in real-time, from any location. About MissionCaster: Our hardware solution provides network connectivity and live streaming from virtually any remote sensor with HDMI output. Enables content capture, encoding, edge-computing, and real-time, global collaboration. For a complete live streaming solution, MissionCaster works in tandem with our MissionKeeper software.