About Us

With its 16 years of experience and its diversity of sensor fleets, L'Avion Jaune continues to offer you aerial mapping services tailored to your needs. With values ​​of benevolence and commitment, our team offers you a quality of service allowing you to entrust us with your missions with confidence.

Today the company is diversifying and seeks to transmit its know-how and expertise through training related to the field of aerial mapping: drone piloting, the formulation of service requests or the processing of aerial data.

In 2021, L'Avion Jaune also became an official reseller of the German company Quantum Systems for the distribution of its new generation drones in France and Gabon.

L'Avion Jaune continues its mapping activities , mainly with manned aircraft and continues to develop its high-endurance drones for more distant applications: marine environment, tropical forests, polar areas.

International activity is expanding with prestigious missions in South America and Africa in connection with research and agronomy, and the development of on- board sensor systems with very competitive quality/price performance.