About Us


Moving in step with emerging technologies, Lapis Aerospace Technologies indigenous and national products are meeting requirements in Turkey’s defense industry and across sectors.

Lapis Aerospace Technologies provides indigenous and national solutions in unmanned systems and air vehicles both for the defense industry and civilian purposes. The company is established in 2015, and since then, as a result of a process which focused mostly on R&D, indigenous products are developed at the İvedik Teknopark facilities in Ankara.

The aim is to contribute to UAV industry with completely in-house and original software/design and domestic production and to be among the few companies in the world in the unmanned aerial vehicles sector.

At Lapis Aerospace Technologies, experienced and competent colleagues are leading design, project management and production teams. Therefore, at Lapis, organizational inertia due to a vertical hierarchical structure does not exist and adopting decisions rapidly and swiftly actualize the projects through agile project management models is possible.