About Us

Linden Photonics Inc. was founded in 2002 by Dr. Amaresh Mahapatra and Robert Mansfield. Since its inception, Linden's design specialists have developed a range of miniature, high strength optical fiber cables, cable coatings and specialized optoelectronic packaging for environments where high strength and compact size are required. On the forefront of polymeric design Linden has worked with the Navy, it's prime contractors and many local manufacturing and plastics experts to develop a proprietary, low cost manufacturing process for the production of high strength, small diameter cables with single or multiple optical fibers. We offer a range of standard cable products and custom design options to fit the specific needs of our customers. Our proprietary packaging solutions provide a functionally-hermetic, cost-effective alternative using innovative technology developed in house and designed to specifically accommodate the design needs of optoelectronic packaging. Linden's employees have extensive expertise in the field of optical fiber communications and full design and characterization facilities. While continuing to develop new and innovative products under DoD contracts, Linden also works with many leading edge companies in the design and manufacture of fiber cable, packaging and polymer technology.