About Us

LISA Airplanes, a French company with international ambitions, creates, produces and distributes aircraft, products and services focused on high quality human mobility and to create a new aviation suggesting a change of lifestyle. The AKOYA is a 2-seat high-end amphibious airplane, with one-of-a-kind style and multiple capabilities, that will delight those who love to fly, travel and explore. Fitted with the patented Multi-Access technology, unique combination of 2 “Seafoils”, a retractable landing gear with “Skis-in”, the AKOYA can takeoff and land from either water, ground or snow, without prior modification, and park or be transported easily thanks to its pivoting wings. Further to its unequalled versatility, this light aircraft has a much developed aerodynamics which provides impressive performances. For even more freedom the AKOYA follows the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) rules.