About Us

For organizations with specialized connectivity needs, Luceor’s products simplify decision making and enable the best combination of coverage, bandwidth, privacy, security and price. Luceor’s highly adaptive technology provides smart access to a mixture of network options so that resilient and uninterrupted connectivity can happen anywhere, anytime. With over 450 deployments for emergency systems, major events and military applications in 15 different countries, Luceor is a global leader in specialized connectivity applications. More than 100 cities, federal governments, and corporations trust Luceor with their mission critical network needs. For mission critical needs we do the following: - Ensure that events security has private and critical communication without interruption. - Conduct video surveillance so that police and other responders have critical and reliable real time data while on the go. - Help ensure secure communication to protect critical sites, even in harsh environments or at the spur of the moment and for emergencies. - Better ensure communications security and connectivity for mobile infrastructure in large cities (ports, tramways, warehouses, etc.). - For Military and Defense, ensure uninterrupted connection coverage that is very secure and very private, whenever and wherever needed.