Mackay Communications, Inc.

Mackay Communications, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1884, Mackay Communications (dba Mackay Marine) continues to evolve with the times. Originally a telegraph cable company, today Mackay sells and services a full range of leading & specialty marine and satellite communications electronics around the globe with over 55 strategic sales and service locations.

Mackay’s Marine World Service (MWS) offers 24/7 global marine electronics service coordination to include repairs, installation, inspection, and maintenance. Our MWS group extends our global network of services with over 90 agencies worldwide.

Combining our expertise in marine satellite communications, Mackay Satellite Services provides terrestrial-based connectivity for data, voice and video satellite transmission that’s reliable, secure and “always on”.

We’re committed to globally serving mariners, fleet owners, and ship managers who can rely on Mackay to cost effectively keep your “vessels-on-the-move” and for land-based remote connectivity, tracking or IoT applications. Contact Mackay for any marine or satellite communication needs that you may have.