About Us

MALVUS SENSE SDN. BHD was established by a group of ambitious engineers and entrepreneur with a vision of applying breakthrough technologies in business activities. Evolution and democratisation of sensing technology through the availability and affordability of hardware and software is an opportunity to be capitalised by positioning the company in a niche business segment. We are proud to be one of the pioneer company that provide most comprehensive aerial data acquisition and analysis services. Malvus' abbreviated from 'Malaysia Vision Unmanned System', was established by a group of ambitious professionals and entrepreneur with the same vision of integrating breakthrough technology into business activities. Our focus is to provide unmatched level of services through advance state of the art equipment, sophisticated computing and an extensive suite of well proven software that support data processing, analysis, interpretation and management. We believe high accuracy data will produce accurate and comprehensive information for fast actionable business decision. By combining knowledge, passion and perseverance we have succeeded in completing numerous challenging task fluently, to the satisfaction of our clients.