About Us

Martek Marine Ltd pioneering innovative and sustainable solutions for ship safety, performance and crew welfare! We’re the driving force behind GROUND-BREAKING marine technology, starting new trends that are fundamentally and radically changing our industry. Our comprehensive range of products and solutions have a track record of dramatically improving profitability, on-board safety and operational efficiency. Our DISRUPTIVE technology offers compliance with all safety, environmental, medical, and navigation marine regulations, protecting assets, life and the environment in the global maritime industry. Trusted EXPERTS in our field, we’ve supplied over 30,000 shipsets of equipment since 1999. As THOUGHT LEADERS and master INNOVATORS, we’re transforming our industry…look at iVital™, the world's first marine approved, wireless telemedicine solution available for a small monthly fee. Thanks to in-house design and manufacturing capabilities we’re consistently growing, developing and enhancing our product ranges, whilst unbeaten AGILITY enables rapid response to bespoke customer requirements. Making things EASY for customers, products including calibration gas, are available for purchase 24/7 online and we offer excellence, quality and professionalism every step of the way, it’s the key to our LEGENDARY and multi-award-winning customer experience. If you want to get in contact with us at all, our details are: UK Office Tel: +44 (0)1709 599 222 Singapore Office Tel: +65 6408 3334 Email: info@martek-marine.com UK Office: