About Us

Microflown AVISA develops and markets capabilities for the defense and security markets that do provide full and comprehensive 3D acoustic situational awareness.The enabler is the Microflown transducer, the worlds first and only sensor that measures acoustic particle velocity instead of sound pressure.The main sensor node platform is the Acoustic Multi Mission Sensor (AMMS). Its favorable SWaP features allow use:• as unattended ground sensor• on ground vehicles• on multi coptersCapabilities are based on either networked or standalone versions of the AMMS, capable of:• detecting• localizing • tracking and • classifyingall sorts of audible events/platforms, such as:• Small Arms Fire (SAF)• Rockets, artillery, mortars (RAM)• Helicopters and heavy ground vehicles• dronesNetworked capabilities offered include firmware/software for:• compound protection, localizing firing positions of incoming mortars and small arms fire• alerting and cueing radars towards hostile firing positions• sound ranging, localizing hostile artillery and rocket launchers firing positions• target practicing Stand alone capabilities include foremost:• gunshot localizationThe aforementioned capabilities can be enhanced by another sensor node platform, the so called Acoustic Pointer, into the network.The 3D acoustic vector sensor node can be installed on a fixed wing drone taking headwind.