Micropolis Robotics

Micropolis Robotics

About Us

We’re changing the way people think of mobility.

We know for a fact that the future is autonomous. Micropolis, through years of research & development, is positioned to make functional transportation safer, cleaner, and more accessible.

In order to achieve this goal, we embarked on a journey to reimagine transportation.

We are a catalyst in the paradigm shift towards sustainable mobility. Micropolis delivers mobility-as-a-service to dense urban environments with end-to-end management, maintenance, and upgrades for our fleet of vehicles.

Strategic partnerships accelerate innovation. Micropolis joined forces with Dubai Police in 2020, and together, ushered in a new era for autonomous rovers.

Much has been learned on the road to re-discovery. Roads are inherently unsafe and can be stressful. Our testing focuses on real-life scenarios as we move towards launching our first fleet.