About Us

Mine Kafon Drone (MKD) System, a solution devised by Dutch-Afghan brothers Massoud and Mahmud Hassani. Starting off with the Mine Kafon Ball, a global awareness project which gathered a huge media impact and success in a variety of international competitions, the Dutch company now focuses on a different approach to mine detection – from the air. The enthusiastic reception it got inspired the brothers to design an even more comprehensive solution, which hopes to bring the landmine issue to an end once and for all. Following several years of development since the Mine Kafon Lab team has finalised work on the ‘MKD’ project – an unmanned airborne demining system. The disruptive solution offered uses two drones – the MK Manta and MK Destiny – to survey entire stretches of land, and then detect landmines by pinpointing their position on a 3D map. The unmanned vehicles are operated from a distance, without any danger to deminers, and they offer an easy to implement detection process which is at least 10 times faster and 40 times cheaper than current methods. Mine Kafon’s mission is to clear all landmines from around the world within 10 years.