About Us

NavtechGPS is a GPS/GNSS solutions provider and product distributor for nearly 20 manufacturers and has been a leader in GPS technical training for over 30 years. Our product division delivers expert GNSS-INS system design and COTS equipment solutions. It specializes in custom hardware/software integration; GPS/GNSS integration into LiDAR systems; systems and components for unmanned vehicles, including GNSS/INS integration; jammer detection and interference mitigation; GNSS simulation and testing; GPS RF network design, installation and components; precise recovery/docking systems; reconnaissance for geolocation applications; mobile surveillance vehicles; precise attitude/heading system applications; and PNT (position, navigation and timing) applications. Our seminar division has led the way in GNSS training for more than 30 years, teaching thousands of engineers and technical professionals at public venues and on site at military, scientific and commercial organizations. Simply stated, NavtechGPS is your ONE source for GNSS products, solutions and GNSS training.