About Us

Nightingale Security is a pioneer in Robotic Aerial Security (RAS). Our intelligent RAS service allows customers to see, patrol and protect their facilities in ways never before possible - increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate security solutions. The RAS system is a combination of drones, base stations and software working together to provide autonomous, 24x7 physical security using real-time aerial surveillance cameras and data gathering sensors. The service is based on a monthly service fee / annual contract – Robot as a Service (RaaS). The three typical RAS deployment scenarios are: Autonomous Rapid Response - the system automatically dispatches a drone to an alarm location and streams live video back to the security team. Scheduled Autonomous Patrols - set repeatable, autonomous patrol missions based on day, time, path, hover duration, camera direction, etc. Manual Surveillance Missions - manually dispatch a drone to monitor construction, look for chemical leaks and other impromptu missions.