About Us

nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells instruments and systems for water measurements and environmental monitoring.Our fields of application are ocean, deep sea, coastal, rivers and lakes.Our range of products includes : data loggers, autonomous buoys, deep floats, sediment sensors, profilers.nke Instrumentation is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally, and works in partnership with scientific institutions such as Ifremer and CNRS.nke Instrumentation provides :- Autonomous data loggers for the monitoring of parameters (Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity...) ; monitoring of the medium (Silting, Heat Flow, Atmospheric Corrosion...) ; behavior analysis of immersed systems (Force, Acceleration, slope, Corrosion...)- Automated Systems: monitoring of water areas, estuaries, instrumented buoys, acoustic buoy, and profilers of all kinds.