About Us

We are an international team of engineers and software professionals developing industrial solutions for aerial vehicles. Therefore, we offer an innovative, efficient and safe way to carry out aerial inspections and analyzes. In 2015, we started to assess and test the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in power-line inspection and found out that the existing products in the market were not able to meet all requirements of the industry. Therefore, we developed an unmanned aerial system specialized in power-line inspection. At the same time, we designed our technology to create advantages in the fields of video transmission, topography, agriculture as well as in safety and security purposes. We aim to be one of the main players in the market and to be known for excellence in embedded software solutions and services for aerial vehicles. Therefor we will take our main values as a basis: TRUST CUSTOMER ORIENTATION RELIABILITY PASSION EFFICIENCY HIGH QUALITY REASONS TO CHOOSE US Efficiency Our products and services (software is) are designed to increase efficiency by saving time and money in the inspection industry. Innovative Novarum is a Latin word that means “the new”. At NOVARUM SKY, we know that it is only possible to achieve expressive gains in productivity and quality for our customers by developing and delivering innovative technologies, enabling our customers to do more and better inspections with less costs and more time savings. Know How Innovative ideas require creativity, but the implementation of innovative ideas into reality requires up-to-date knowledge. For this, our team is constantly researching new technologies and methods to be always up to date for the best system solutions and we also maintain key partnerships worldwide that complement our knowledge base. Uniqueness We offer the unique software EtherCopter for inspection services combining Virtual USB technology allowing the access sensors and standard devices for use in IoT application