About Us

One Stop Systems (OSS) is the leader in specialized high-performance computers for vertical markets requiring the fastest processing and storage on the planet. These technology-hungry applications include AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning, seismic exploration, financial modeling, media and entertainment, security and defense. While many of these applications can run on a single HPC server, the highest end applications require a rack-scale deployment of HPC servers. OSS maintains a first mover market focus with many board-level solutions in the world’s fastest emerging interconnect technologies such as PCI Express (PCIe), NVLink, Infiniband and next generation Ethernet. OSS is the largest provider of PCIe adapters and expansion components world-wide. OSS utilizes these high speed adapters and board level solutions to produce ground breaking, large scale, modular compute accelerators, flash storage arrays and specialty servers that push the traditional system limits beyond the household server OEM. We also partner with other leaders in HPC technologies such as Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, Xilinx FPGAs and HGST NVMe solid-state flash products to provide our customers with a true “One Stop” HPC systemOSS has adopted the modular approach to systems design. This allows OSS to produce expansion systems that accelerate servers from every OEM or produce hyper-converged HPC systems with extreme amounts of GPU and NVMe resources in an all-in-one solution or produce Composable Infrastructure solutions that change server, GPU, Network and NVMe resources in real time as application demand changes. With a pedigree designing rugged compute systems for defense, manufacturing, and telecommunications customers, OSS has become an expert adapting the latest in commercial HPC technologies to the needs of mobile, government and military deployments. Using our standard products or our custom ODM services, we can deploy HPC solutions in virtually any environment.