About Us

Optics11 Life is addressing a large market opportunity. Medical treatment is going through a multi-faceted revolution. Drug development is seeing a paradigm shift towards 3D cell culture and Organ-On-a-Chip (OOC), thereby drastically reducing development cost, failure rates, and time to market of vital treatments. Regenerative medicine, which aims to replace damaged tissue in patients based with stem cell-based engineered tissue, will provide a cure for previously untreatable conditions, and contribute to a solution for the shortage of organs for transplantation. These fields are now developing at a high pace, starting in academia and in R&D and moving towards near-future industrial value chains. This will revolutionize medical treatment in many ways. These changes require new instrumentation, both to drive progress, to validate the achievements, and to monitor and control the future industrial processes One of the driving forces behind both the revolution in regenerative medicine as well as Organ-On-a-Chip is a deepened understanding of the role of mechanics and forces in physiology and disease. From stem cells to organoids, from hydrogels to engineered tissues, it is becoming increasingly clear that the mechano-biological state is of major importance to the biological processes. Being able to characterize, monitor, and control the mechano-biological state is going to be a key element in the emerging chains. Optics11 Life is at the leading edge of these emerging industries and is extremely well equipped to be able to provide the key instrumentation that these new industrial chains will need. If you want to learn more about our products or want to become part of our highly motivated team, please have a look at www.optics11life.com or contact us via info@optics11.com. Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our latest progress!