About Us

As consumers we are constantly being bombarded with an Ocean of information and much of it is changing, updating, or being created in real time. To simplify the navigation of this Ocean we created Oshen, a tool that allows consumers to subscribe to organizations in the simplest and most direct way possible, straight to your cell phone via text message.

Oshen works by combining SMS texting servers with a simple user interface allowing your organization to build a list of contacts, engage with them via text, and perform business functions like making appointments, accepting payments, and sending updates. Once you log into your Oshen account you're faced with a powerful communications dashboard giving you a wide range of messaging features.

Oshen will strongly protect privacy in all aspects of the platform. We want to connect organizations of all sizes with their customers more efficiently by texting. With the most advanced features, we strive to enhance B2C SMS platform capabilities as a leading provider in many industries.

Request a Demo for a detailed walk-through of our platform by going to https://oshen.com.