About Us

Making breakthroughs in AI and deep learning since 2014, Oxa was founded with a singular vision — to build software that enables any vehicle to be self-driving, anywhere, at any time.

We call this Universal Autonomy™.

Who we are: A global leader in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, fuelled by a diverse, multi-cultural, world-class team of experts in AI, machine learning and robotics.

What we do: We build self-driving software and services that enable customers to deploy and benefit from autonomy in their operations sooner.

Where we do it: We have offices in Oxford and Toronto, with a fast-growing team of 300+ employees and with customers and partners in multiple sectors across the world.

Why we do it: Oxa is unlocking the power of autonomy for every organisation and person on the planet so that the transport of goods, people and materials is safer, more secure and more efficient.

How we do it: We embed safety into everything we do. And by standing together on safety with our partners in the AV ecosystem, we are driving the whole industry forward.