About Us

PAL-V started in 2008 to design a roadable aircraft. It evaluated many potential technologies and created numerous concepts in cooperation with well-known research institutes and universities. The first real “flying car” concept was born! Having designed and patented their findings and concepts, PAL-V hired a team of very skilled engineers with automotive, aviation and motorcycle backgrounds and started the engineering of its proof-of-concept prototypes. World-class partners were selected and contracted for several system elements. This led to the first flight of PAL-V NV’s proof-of-concept prototype in 2012. Since then the company entered the next phase of development, engineering the first commercial version, optimizing the design, and starting up production. This will result in the market launch of the worlds first commercial flying car: the PAL-V Liberty. The Liberty received the official road approval in 2020 and is ready for the next and final step, flight certification. The next chapter in the history of mobility is being written, by PAL-V, today!