About Us

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing how utility companies produce, transmit, and consume energy, power the future smart grid and champion advances in automated predictive and preventive maintenance protocols. Pecos Data Systems is the utility industry leader in providing and integrating AI/Machine Learning tools with infrastructure cloud stored data, advanced customer user interface (UI), and meta data analytical tools to provide maintenance predictive tools and allow management of smart grid utilization and exploitation. We combine high precision imagery collection with other sources of wide-area information to create a comprehensive geo-tagged database of assets. We deliver information about those assets to our customers using easy to use tools they already have: Google maps, Google earth, Microsoft Bing and others. Some of the information customers have access to include: Identification and location of classifiable infrastructure damage Downed or broken power poles Missing or downed transmission line Missing or damaged equipment Damage to substations Flooding Debris in areas of focus or concern etc