About Us

Creating intelligent automation for wind turbine inspections and more. Utilizing an intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), Perceptual Robotics provides existing inspection engineers with a new, cost effective inspection tool that increases number of inspections, and quality, whilst minimising health and safety risks. Dhalion is an autonomous inspection platform for wind turbines. At the press of a button Dhalion allows existing O&M teams to complete wind turbine inspections in minutes rather hours with increased inspection quality. The path is optimised for optimum coverage, reliability in weather and consistent data acquisiton. Throughout the flight Dhalion minds its surrounding and deals intelligently with obstacles and unexpected situations. The inspection data are then automatically distilled to useful information about position, size and severity of defects on the tower and blades. It can identify lightning strikes, cracks, erosion and delamination as well as highlight anything out of the ordinary. The consistent data capture allows for long term analytics from data mining massive amounts of information to inform O&M decision making.