PIDSO - Propagation Ideas and Solutions

PIDSO - Propagation Ideas and Solutions

About Us

PIDSO - Propagation Ideas and Solutions, is based in Vienna, Austria, and is a world leader in developing custom lightweight antennas and specialized antenna solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems and other applications.


The PIDSO engineers have created a series of benchmark antennas out of carbon-fiber, foam, and other materials that address weight and durability issues with UAS antennas and won the prestigious Mercur award as Austria's top high-tech innovator of 2010 as well as the the WKO TOP Exporter title.


Recently the focus leans towards the development of advanced tracking antenna solutions to extend range and improve beyond-line-of-sight scenarios for UAS.


Amongst the customers of PIDSO are globally renowned companies such as BMW, Diamond Aircraft, Schiebel, Hensoldt, Loop21, Riegl and the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN.  


In addition to its own portfolio, PIDSO is an authorized distributor of premium standard antennas and components for L-Com Global Connectivity, Mobile Mark and KP Performance Antennas.