About Us

Planblue is a Germany-based company that uses an underwater satellite to monitor the seafloor. We have developed innovative technology, which allows for open and transparent seafloor mapping with hyperspectral imaging. Our underwater satellite automatically gathers data and our associated software platform, the SeafloorAtlas, analyzes it with artificial intelligence. Currently, planblue is using our standardized, highly detailed, geo-referenced data to evaluate the carbon sequestration potential of the seagrass meadows, introducing much needed transparency into the emerging blue carbon market.Planblue's Underwater Satellite is able to automatically scan and map the seafloor, as well as man-made underwater constructions. It combines hyperspectral and RGB imaging with underwater navigation and artificial intelligence. The technology can be trained to identify and map many things, incl. plastic waste pollution on the seafloor, the effect of climate change on the health status of our seafloor, the degradation of underwater constructions, presence of invasive algae, biodiversity, algal growth for biofuels, etc. As such, our technology can be used for long-time monitoring of seafloor areas, to conduct environmental impact analyses and to inspect underwater constructions with high precision and at low cost.