About Us

ProTrack is a leading developer and worldwide vendor of Computer Vision, GNSS-Free Positioning, Video Anchoring and Video Analytics software and technologies for the civilian, security, surveillance and military markets since 1998. ProTrack's proven GNSS-Free Positioning solution allows airborne platforms (UAS and manned) to continue flying normally and safely even when all other navigation systems fail. ProTrack specializes in analyzing outdoor video from harsh conditions in real-time, and provides the insights you need for maintaining the highest level of security even when the environmental conditions are bad. Our cutting-edge capabilities can be operated as stand-alone or seamlessly integrated into the customer’s existing systems, complementing them with advanced and unique abilities and providing added-value to any command, control and surveillance system. Our capabilities include: • GNSS-Free Positioning for Airborne platforms • Aerial/Ground Geo-Reference for Tactical Geo-Positioning • Video Motion Detection for Scanning and Static, Day and Night, Ground-based and Airborne sensors (drones, aerostats, planes, satellites, etc.) • Aerial Multi-Strip Panorama and Geo-Anchored Mosaic Rapid Creation • Ground Multi-Strip Panorama Rapid Creation • Video Motion Detection on Water (Coastal VMD) • Video Stabilization • Video Enhancement • Dehazing\Defogging • Video Tracking of Objects/Targets • Deep-learning Object Classification • Smoke Detection