About Us

The Raider series of outboard motors are dedicated to the Marine Raiders established by the United States Marine Corps during WW II and are said by many to be the first United States special operations force. Handpicked from the elite, these men were given specialized training and the best equipment. They distinguished themselves during the conduct of clandestine amphibious landings, utilizing small inflatable boats, operating behind enemy lines in direct support of combat operations in the Central Pacific and Solomon islands. Even though the Raiders were disbanded at the close of WW II the need for specially trained warfighters and the requirements for specialized equipment did not. Today’s Special Operations Forces (SOF) under the United States Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) are expected to conduct similar and far more demanding missions, to that end and with those warfighters in mind the Raider OBM is specifically developed for SOF that routinely operate within the often unforgiving, highly demanding, dynamic maritime environment.