About Us

Rantizo is a precision ag company revolutionizing in-season field operations with drone applications. We are the only company approved for drone-based agricultural spraying in multiple states and the first approved for nationwide swarming for spraying, as well. Labor shortages in agriculture are a universal problem. Rantizo addresses both the field needs of farmers and the business needs of custom applicators and agribusinesses. Rantizo is more than just drone spraying. Our turnkey solution provides an end-to-end system of industry leading hardware and user-friendly software that integrates with existing digital ag tools to identify field issues and address them, precisely when and where needed. The Rantizo drone applications system combines not just drones, but everything needed to legally Fly & Apply: Proprietary hardware and equipment, software to optimize productivity, licensing, support, and training. This integrated solution is first of its kind in leveraging the identification of in-field anomalies with autonomous targeted drone-based agricultural spraying. The highest value to farmers is generated from delivering inputs precisely where they're needed, when they're needed. Rantizo is elevating precision ag to deliver this solution.