About Us

Rapid Imaging is a situational awareness technology provider delivering products leveraging geospatial augmented reality to Government and Enterprise customers. Rapid Imaging's core technology, SmartCam3D®, served as the primary flight display for the NASA X38 during initial unmanned testing. Additionally, since 2003, the technology has been deployed with US Army Tactical Unmanned Systems as a module within the universal ground control stations used in conjunction with the Hunter, Shadow, and Gray Eagle UAV Platforms. This technology provides geospatial augmented reality overlays on live, full-motion-video as well as user-interaction tools (e.g. Target Marking, geocoding, cross-cuing, Measurement, etc.) to enhance situational awareness among end-users. Additional integrations of this technology include sUAS Pilot Apps, a plugin for the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), and a comprehensive Mission Management Application (LandForm® X) for the manned ISR market.