Raytheon Anschütz GmbH

Raytheon Anschütz GmbH

About Us

Raytheon Anschütz, world-leading Navigation Company, delivers high-quality maritime navigation and naval system solutions and provides a broad range of customer-oriented maritime services worldwide. Anschütz stands for experience and expertise in navigation like no other company, with passion and innovation being just as much part of our roots as the goal of making navigation at sea reliable and safe. Our mission is to work with our team of experts around the world to ensure safety and reliability in navigation on the high seas– anytime, under all conditions. Every day, nautical officers on board of thousands of ships trust our gyro compasses, autopilots, radars or ECDIS. We push forward quality, innovation and customer focus across our portfolio, making us the partner for navigation – wherever you navigate.

We stand for:

• High-quality products are easy-to-use, functional, durable and efficent

• Expertise for individually tailored, and cost-effective refits

• Design of customized, high-performance Integrated Bridge Systems

• Effective integrated mission solutions (navigation to combat system)

• Warship integrated navigation and bridge systems and naval services

• Specialized submarine systems for navigation, steering and automation

We also stand for flexible handling of customer requirements, reliability and continuity in customer relations, and excellence in customer services during project stage and beyond. We maintain a global service network and own subsidiaries in Singapore, Brazil, Panama, UK and China to offer dedicated support to our customers, round the clock.

Our products include:

• Gyro Compasses

• Autopilots (2D and 3D)

• Steering Controls for Surface Ships and Submarines

• Navigation Radars and Naval Radars

• Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS/WECDIS)

• Electronic Logbooks

• Integrated Navigation and Bridge Systems (INS/IBS/WINBS)

• Mission Systems (Situation Awareness, C2, Tactical Navigation)