About Us

RDR Tec provides innovative solutions to difficult radar problems. These begin with initial system concept development and continues through requirements flow down to the hardware and processing algorithms and finally to detailed hardware definition and algorithm and mode development. RDRTec can coherently address all these areas because of the experience and expertise of its staff and consultants. Many are legacy Texas Instruments Incorporated, Defense Systems & Electronics Group and Raytheon (Dallas). Their expertise spans advanced hardware including Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA) and AEW, AI, ASW, ASUW, ISR, and Missile Systems. Mode and processing expertise includes Low, Medium and High pulsed-Doppler, SAR, GMTI, ISAR, and Detection and Tracking of Small Maritime Targets. Related Areas: • Detection and Tracking of Small Maritime Targets • ISAR Classification Aids • Sense And Avoid (SAA) • Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA)