Realtime Technologies Ltd

Realtime Technologies Ltd

About Us

Realtime Technologies is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services and integrated supply chain solutions in Europe.

Realtime Technologies design, manufacture, test, and repair PCB assemblies for many industries, including Space, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Renewable Energy among many others. Our clients benefit from a short time to market, high asset turnover ratio and competitive and flexible pricing structures.

We offer world-class services comprising a printed circuit board (PCB) design, prototyping, electronic assembly, rework and repair, material sourcing, and training.

Realtime Technologies is an electronic manufacturing company with over 26 years of experience in the industry. The combination of speed, high quality, cost-effectiveness and innovation is the driving force behind the company’s current success. With a 35,000 sqft headquarters facility in Dublin, Ireland and additional facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we offer worldwide services.