About Us

From its base in England, Renvale supplies ISO 9001 certified wiring harness systems to a world-wide customer portfolio of motorsport professionals, operating at the very highest levels in the sport.It also distributes the French-made Texense series of top quality electronic sensors. Renvale adopts a policy of quality workmanship and continous improvement. Attention to detail and the quality of its products and services is at the heart of Renvale’s success. Renvale recognises the changes the motorsport industry has undergone in recent years and is perfectly positioned to offer top quality products and service to discerning professionals at very competitive prices by controlling costs and maintaining a value-for-money philosophy.Renvale was formed in 2009, but its roots effectively date back to the early eighties and beyond, when Tony James first introduced Raychem’s irradiated aerospace System 25 concept into Formula One. A year later, he added circular military connectors and the basis of what remains as today’s technology was complete. The Tony James brand has continued to be at the forefront of almost every new method and product used in the motorsport industry today, including the use of solid-state technology for the first intelligent power control module to be used in motorsport.Renvale pride themselves on an ethos of ensuring quality, cost, delivery and service, as well as their staff welfare, this is at the forefront of everything we do.